Twitter: Nigerians go for VPNs to bypass

#TwitterBan: A Dire Need For Rethinking And Reflections


Being the position of the Director-General of  ” FACE OF WAZIRI – NIGERIA ” on the banning of Twitter operation in Nigeria.

The face of Waziri, Nigeria, without mincing words and in absolute terms join the rest of the global communication village to observe that the Federal Government of Nigeria, through its Minister of Information and culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed and the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) urgently need to reconsider its order banning the operations of Twitter in the country.

We salute the courage and add our voice to those of global communities, national civil society groups and Honourable Members of the people’s Democratic Party in the House of Representatives who have un- equivocally called for the reverse of this  conscription of universally established rights to “receive, store and disseminate information” 

Social Media Platforms like Twitter have become veritable tools to Governance Knowledge sharing, political awareness and socio-economic advancement in contemporary global communities.

All elections and candidate since 1999 have benefited profoundly by deploying these tools.

The current administration is one of the best benefactors of social media in the country. More – importantly, with the economic hardships in the country as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic which has caused the global recession, Twitter and other social media are major if not sole means of income for millions of Nigerians.

If the concern is indeed the divisive campaigns by some trends in social media handles, we caution that we cannot throw away the baby with the bathwater as one bad apple don’t spoil the bunch.

We recall that at a point in this country when Niger-Delta agitations peaked, constructive dialogue produced the Amnesty Package which doused the tensions. The current plagues of Boko-Haram terror, armed herdsmen Carnage, divisive campaigns by self-determination groups for restructuring can be amicably resolved like brothers and sisters on round-table.

We, therefore, call on the Federal Government to rethink and reflect its order because of the importance of Twitter and other social media platforms as crucial developmental tools. More importantly millions of un-employment person and youths are earning legitimate incomes through these social media it has more than twenty per cent market share in the country. The political concerns on the unity of the country can be resolved through other means.







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