Silent Sunday Morning as Synagogue Church Founder TB Joshua dies at 54 -

Jesus Christ, TB Joshua died; nobody born to live forever – NIREC


The Nigeria Interreligious Council (NIREC) has said no man or woman is born to live forever, making reference to the death of Jesus Christ and TB Joshua as examples.

“TB Joshua was born like every normal human being, and as such he was destined to die like every normal human being.

“Jesus Christ died, meaning that no one is born to live forever. The day a child is born, that same day the child is old enough to die,” said the Executive Secretary of NIREC, Cornelius Afebu-Omonokhua.

The cleric added, “Have you ever wondered why you were born a twin, but only you survived? Does it mean anything to you that in a fatal accident, everybody died except you?

“Have you ever wondered that among those kidnapped, only you survived in the forest? Does it mean anything to you that after being sentenced to life imprisonment or sentenced to death like Barabbas, you were suddenly granted amnesty?”

Afebu-Omonokhua urged Nigerians not to take opportunities that come their way for granted, asserting that “it is only fools” who do that. 

Speaking on the lesson of Mr Joshua’s demise, he stated, “The universal lesson is that we should live one day at a time. Yesterday is gone, never to return. 

“Tomorrow is God’s secret and may never come. Only today is mine. Death is not a respecter of personalities.”

Mr Afebu-Omonokhua disclosed this on Wednesday, admonishing Christians to trust God rather than humans.

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