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Go Awori! Ijamido River… A hidden treasured tourism destination

By Awori Tourism

Our nation, Nigeria, is endowed with numerous tourism attractions sites spread across the country. Road transportation is the commonest means of transportation within Nigeria and good road infrastructure is required for smooth and safe motor vehicle transportation.

As such, a good transportation network is imperative for promoting tourism in Nigeria. Although Nigeria has expansive road networks, they are in very poor condition because of the extent of damage and lack of maintenance and are mostly not motor vehicle conducive. These impediments affect tourism in Nigeria consequently impacting on the country’s growth and development.

Our narrative on the poor road quality in Ogun state and Nigeria as an impediment to tourism growth in Nigeria, in our series we shall highlights the causes, and offers solutions and recommendations on how to repair and maintain the roads in order to promote tourism, safety, tourism development and ultimately tourism sustainability.


Transportation system particularly road transportation in Nigeria continues to be in an appalling state of decaying infrastructures, despite many promises of positive changes by successive governments over the years. The continuous abysmal situation requires immediate attention as the road transportation, as the commonest means of transportation in Nigeria, is essential for the growth and development of the nation. For example, good road transportation drives thriving tourism, which promotes socio-economic growth and development in any society or country as accessibility and movement is imperative for tourism.

On the contrary, due to poor road network assets, facilities, systems and infrastructures in Nigeria, the tourist sector continues to suffer tremendous setbacks hence preventing much-needed inflows of revenue from the tourism sector and consequently inhibiting growth and development especially in the rural and local areas where many of the tourists’ attractions are located.

One visit to Ijamido River in Ota, Ogun State as a tourism stakeholder will bring tears to your eyes. Our honorable Minister Raji Fashola once said, may our loyalty never be questioned? My brother, it is now.

Source: Awori Tourism

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