Boeing welcomes newest ‘astronaut’, readies for likely October test launch/
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Boeing welcomes newest ‘astronaut’, readies for likely October test launch

Boeing (has) welcomed its newest astronaut to the Starliner team. Unlike other crew members, he doesn’t have advanced degrees in aerospace or much experience at all. In fact, he’s pretty dumb. Meet the Boeing Starliner’s anthropometric test device, also known as a crash-test dummy. Its name and gender have not yet been revealed, but a Read more


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Google’s Files Go app The Files Go app has a convenient interface that comes with two tabs — Storage and Files. The originally active Storage tab shows you the free space available on your device alongside sporting feature cards that give you access to clean app cache, remove recorded media, and free up the storage Read more


These ‘two yahoos from the middle of Ohio’ designed the ultimate drone buster

Insurgents have been using armed drones to attack U.S. troops worldwide, so my co-inventor Alex Morrow and I built the DroneDefender to help protect them. It freezes enemy drones in place by disrupting radio- and satellite-control ­frequencies, but those airwaves are protected by the FC­C, so we couldn’t just use the system—even on our own Read more

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The brilliant management strategy of Google

A recent BuzzFeed profile of Google’s new CEO, Sundar Pichai, paints a picture of Pichai as an even-keeled, relatively predictable kind of guy. Formerly Google’s product chief, Pichai became Google’s CEO in 2015, after the company reorganized its management structure. Google’s then CEO, Larry Page, became CEO of parent company Alphabet, which oversees Google as Read more