Hanan Buhari and Unprecedented Abuse of Presidential Powers By Farooq Kperogi

The Presidency said it isn’t a legal violation or even a subversion of convention for Buhari’s daughter to use a publicly funded presidential jet for private purposes. That’s flat-out untrue. But even if it were true, things don’t always have to be illegal for them to be condemnable. Something can be condemnable because it’s unethical Read more From Egypt to Egypt?

Nigeria: From Egypt to Egypt? By abiodun Komolafe

Those who are familiar with the history of the Israelites will understand why their story in the wilderness will not be complete without a mention of how, at a stage, they had preferred being “slaves in Egypt” to being subjected to mass ignoble deaths “in the desert.”  With the pathetic state of our country, it is unfortunate that such hopelessness and uncertain reality now define the lots of many Read more Influence in Child Education by Lukman Omikunle
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Parenting Influence in Child Education by Lukman Omikunle

Parenting is the procedure of child-rearing through the process of stimulating and support of the emotional, social, physical, and development of a child from infancy to adulthood. It is also the informal aspect of education and as a result, has a massive influence in every child’s formal education. It is, however, inevitable that parenting style Read more

Coup de Dsgrace...The Aisha Buhari/Fatima Daura Debacle: Before The ‘Cabal’ Self-Destructs By Chinedu Okpara/newsheadline247

Aisha Buhari – A first lady battling thorns of obstacles in defence of democracy by Olalekan Abdullahi

Nigeria’s First Lady, Mrs. Aisha Buhari is certainly facing an existential battle, despite being the wife of the President of the most populous black country in the world. Her travails are not actually from her husband, President Muhammadu Buhari, but from those that surround him, who she strongly believes are trying to make life difficult Read more Now that we have the 7th Assembly! By abiodun KOMOLAFE

Osun: Now that we have the 7th Assembly! By Abiodun KOMOLAFE

When we juxtapose the imperatival idealism of the legislative arm of government in Nigeria, vis-à-vis the preponderances of unenforceable pieces of Acts of Parliament, and the needless ambiguity in the literary interpretation of certain provisions of myriads of bills passed into law, one cannot but wonder whether we have not missed the underpinning philosophy behind the concept of state, government, good governance, public accountability and transparency. Read more