Bishop Kukah: Why North will vote Buhari again in 2019

Bishop Matthew Kukah, a Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, has said the North has been more impoverished under President Muhammadu Buhari than the last administration of President Goodluck Jonathan.

The Bishop, however, maintained that the northern region will still vote for Buhari in 2019 because they see him as the only one who can help bring them out their penurious state.

Speaking with Punch, the Bishop said the average Northerner believes their elites are above the law, adding that this is one of the reasons they embraced sharia law.

According to Kukah, they hoped sharia law would help them punish their elites.

The average northerner has become far more impoverished under Buhari than he was under (former President Goodluck) Jonathan.

“But they will still vote for Buhari because they see him as the only one who can help bring their derelict elite to order.

“It is a strange appeal but that is it. They believe their corrupt elite are above the law.

“They were seduced with Sharia because they believed it was going to help them punish their own elite, who they see as being above the law of Nigeria. These are the issues.

“Indeed, the Buhari project presents us with an interesting view.”

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