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Lagos Beach-side Queen’s Alleged Infidelity Scandal Exposed

No royal bloodline would sit and watched its noble name enmeshed in a pit of filth, this is why a popular flamboyant Lagos monarch is blocking all available holes drizzling out an alleged infidelity scandal involving his socialite queen and a maritime top shot.

Social circle whispers alleged the pretty queen of the beachside monarch is deeply but secretly in love with a billionaire maritime boss.

Their love affairs shocked the entire South-West Nigeria social space when it was revealed on Instagram by Bim, one the very closest friends of the queen.

It was gathered that the queen which many has described as a betrayer of trust had a quarrel with Bim alleging her of sleeping around with different men.

But a counter-response from Bim dealt a huge blow on the royal family. Bim, a former wife of one of the sons of a late billionaire stated on her Instagram page before it was removed that she is not under any man’s roof and maybe sleeping around with all sort of men but she’s better than a queen who has a respectable place in the palace and yet still sleeps with a friend of her royal husband.

In a recent social function in Lagos, a source disclosed the beach-side queen and the billionaire maritime guru walked into the venue together. “The scene turned all available heads at the event and further add more lights to Bim’s shocking revelation,” the source said

However, it was learnt that the revelation has put the feet of many in the social circle running to quash the alleged scandal before it spread like wildfire. “There are plans to resolve the quarrel between the queen and her friend, Bim,” the source said.

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